Things to Ask a Potential Room Mate

Find someone to stay with you or a roommate is often regarded as a tricky business. I am sure you have often heard a few horror stories of the types of roommates that are untidy, rude or eat food that does not belong to them. However, there are also stories whereby the companions end up being a perfect match. Also, there are also types of roommates that don’t socialize but can coexist with a mutual yet unspoken respect for one another. Unless you know your potential roommate before moving in, here are a few important you may want to consider asking.

How Do You Define Clean?

Some people will wash up their dishes as soon as they have been used. While others will only start to clean up once the sink is full or they have run out of clean dishes. Some people will consider sweeping, mopping or dusting as a daily routine, while some may not even know how to use a vacuum cleaner. For this reason, it may be a good idea to choose the type of person that has similar ideas to you when it comes to cleaning.

What Are The Times You Prefer To Sleep?

An early bird and the night owl can be suitable roommates, but the nest will not be a euphoric home unless the hours of sleep overlap at some point. It is also important to ask what the person typically needs to get a good night’s rest. Some people require complete silence and darkness to sleep. While others potential roommates may be able to sleep with loud music or other disturbances going on in the background.

3. Would You Prefer To use Extra Blankets Or Sweaters Opposed To Spending More Money On The Utility Bills?

If you have spotted items such as recycling bins while in an interview with your potential roommate. Avoid making assumptions about their water and energy habits and rather ask. Sure people think it is unnecessary to switch a light or lamp on during the daylight hours, while other roommates will insist on keeping the indoor climate at a consistent temperature throughout the year.